Your endowment gift to Goldie B. Floberg Center today carries your legacy into our future. Your endowment donation will immediately go to work as it is invested alongside the funds of other legacy donors like you. Goldie B. Floberg may use a portion of the annual income from the investment to fund immediate program-related expenses. The remainder of the annual income is reinvested to ensure the future of this important resource.

2018 Carroll Starr Challenge
(A generous $1 to $3 match for up to $150,000 raised)

  • The Carroll H. Starr Endowment Challenge is an opportunity for Northern Illinois nonprofits to build and quickly grow a permanent endowment at the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (Community Foundation);
  • The Challenge allows Goldie B. Floberg Center two years to raise our goal of $150,000, the maximum allowed amount. The Carroll Starr Endowment offers a generous $1 to $3 match for up to $150,000 raised;
  • The campaign and matching potential ends in 2020.
In 2017, Goldie B. Floberg Center was the beneficiary of a generous individual bequest to endowment which offered an opportunity to confidently participate in the Challenge at the maximum dollar goal while fulfilling the wishes of a dear friend and legacy donor. Floberg staff and directors could not pass the opportunity to not only steward a donor’s vision of sustainability, but expedite that vision, growing the endowment by $50,000 in the first two years by participating in the Challenge.

Goldie B. Floberg Investment Endowment

The Goldie B. Floberg Investment Endowment is another option for donors interested in investing in the future of the Center. This quasi endowment is funded through assets earmarked and directed to investment by the governing board or donor designation. The intention is to not expend the principal or earnings of the Investment Endowment, but allow for more flexibility for emergencies or special opportunities. The biggest principal of a quasi endowment may be accessed according to the bylaws of the organization. The funds of this endowment may only be withdrawn by approval of a two-third vote of the governing board.

If you are considering a gift of endowment, today or as a legacy gift in your estate plan, and would like to learn more about either of these funds, please contact Laura Speer, Director of Fund Development.

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