Like so many of you, keeping the children and adults we serve safe as they return to school can feel overwhelming. So much is out of our control when those we care for leave the safety of one of our 22 group homes. I find comfort knowing that the children and adults we serve have been COVID free since April. I hesitate to share this good fortune aloud. However, this good news is due in large part to the support of donors like you. Donor gifts were vital for:

• 30 new staff to provide daytime care after schools closed
• $7,000 in rapid testing to quickly isolate potential risk
• Ipads to improve access to training and reporting
• Donated masks and sanitizing supplies

I never imagined that by August, COVID-19 would still be our leading concern and our agency’s most urgent funding need. Will you please consider helping to protect kids and adults with developmental disabilities by donating today? Every gift helps us provide care and enrichment for the special people we serve.

With so many individuals and causes in need during this unprecedented time in our history, we are especially humbled by your support. Thank you for keeping Goldie Floberg and the children and adults we serve in your heart.