Special Olympics 2017

Goldie B. Floberg Center has been helping people with disabilities access the Special Olympics for 39 years. The physical, emotional, and developmental benefits of these experiences help to bring us closer to achieving our mission.

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The calm after the storm—now we can really get to work

Following a two-year cycle of posturing, votes, votoes, more votes and more vetoes, the State of Illinois has a budget. As a state, we have a lot of work to be done before our finances will be considered sound. Despite the negatives and controversy that surround this budget, and possible cuts from a federal level, this budget brings us bright skies—optimism and relief.

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Action needed: Contact your Rep in support of DSPs and individuals with developmental disabilities

Please click on the link below TODAY and send an electronic letter to your local House Representative urging her or him to vote to override the Governor’s budget veto. This is it folks! The budget not only avoids cuts for our services but also includes a raise for DSPs. PLEASE go the link now and let’s push this budget across the finish line. The link will identify your House representative for you and already has the letter written. Super easy!

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LEEP Coffee Club

This past year, LEEP came up with some new ideas to keep up the community involvement even in the slow winter months with the addition of a couple new clubs.

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