The Power of Empowering People

Having enough Direct Support Professional (DSP) staff is our biggest challenge. Staffing was harder than usual during the first year of the pandemic. As the vaccines started going in arms, we dared to hope that the staffing situation would improve. Instead we were consumed by a perfect economic storm that nearly sank us.

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Home Investment Needs

Each year, Goldie B. Floberg Center prioritizes and budgets a list of capital improvements to be completed within the fiscal year. And...each year, a good portion of these projects are [...]

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Dignity Newsletter – Winter 2020

Our Pins and Mechanisms The continuous  pivots of 2020 have been a test of the strength of the pins and mechanisms of our agency as well as those of our society... (Read [...]

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Our Pins and Mechanisms

Sometimes I think of the Goldie B. Floberg Center as a big machine. A machine made to empower and enrich the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. A machine where every part is essential in supporting the next. A machine constantly pivoting to address the needs of the people we serve and the ever changing challenges of the world around us.

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