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Goldie B. Floberg Center Director of Fund Development

Why We Do What We Do

You can't do that, you can't go there, we can't let you do that. All those negatives that were used, even with the people we serve. Not anymore! We think outside of the box, and allow the people we serve to do so much more than how we may have been trained in the past.

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Leisure or Adventure – Keyword: Access

For many of the children and adults we serve, experiencing these simple but meaningful activities requires specialized supports. Thankfully, area facilities like Camp Courageous provide access to activities like these and the highest level of quality and safety supports so friends like Steven W. (above w/camp courageous staff) can confidently experience the peace (or adrenaline) that accompany these adventures.

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Dignity Newsletter: Giving Thanks (for Ups and Downs)

Every year, we reach this final quarter of the calendar and look back at both our ups and downs. Letting the list of downs overpower our perspective can sometimes be easier than seeing all of the ups for which we should be so grateful. This holiday season's list of that for which we are grateful.

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