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Congratulations Preston Brown

Congratulations to Preston Brown for passing her National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification Exam! We are proud of you! Keep up the great work. Learn more about Preston: Hello! My name [...]

2014-10-30T15:25:31-05:00October 30th, 2014|News|

Michelle Lee, Team Leader

Michelle Lee, Team Leader Hi! My name is Michelle Lee. I've been employed at the Goldie Floberg center for 3 1/2 years now. I started out as a [...]

2014-09-22T08:53:25-05:00September 22nd, 2014|News|

Presidential Medal of Amazingness

Presidential Medals of Amazingness were given to six staff members who executed SIX months of absolutely perfect medication administration procedures. Congratulations Danielle, Karin, Sheryl, Michelle, Sarah and Autumn. Your hard [...]

2014-09-08T09:24:28-05:00September 8th, 2014|News|

LEEP visits Burpee Museum

The Learning, Enrichment and Empowerment Program visited the Burpee Museum of Natural History. The group enjoyed all of the exhibits and especially enjoyed Jane the Dinosaur. The LEEP Group [...]

2014-09-05T10:48:04-05:00September 5th, 2014|Uncategorized|

Celebrating Years of Service

We are very fortunate to have extremely dedicated staff at Goldie B. Floberg Center and we are very proud. These individuals are employees that have been an integral part of [...]

2014-08-27T16:35:46-05:00August 27th, 2014|News|

Chicago Sky

  The Goldie Floberg Family went to a Chicago Sky Game and out to eat at Fuddruckers. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and would like to go back to another game [...]

2014-08-14T09:12:45-05:00August 14th, 2014|News, Uncategorized|

Mud Volleyball 2014

This past weekend the Floberg Family volunteered and participated in the Mud Volleyball Tournament for the Epilepsy Foundation. The event was a huge success and we all had tons of [...]

2014-08-11T11:17:45-05:00August 11th, 2014|News|

Introducing Matt Weber, Board Member

Matt Weber is one of the newest members on the Goldie B. Floberg Center's board of directors. Matt joined Williams-Manny, in July 2011 and specializes in property, casualty, and worker’s [...]

2014-07-31T12:40:32-05:00July 24th, 2014|News|
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