Our staff at Goldie Floberg hold a very special role in the lives of the individuals we have the privilege of serving. This is why we decided to launch a new interview process that screens the values and ethics of potential staff. Our Talent Acquisition Team consists of an individual served, two Home Managers and the Director of Talent. The team meets with each potential candidate and conducts a “Floberg style” interview. The process begins by educating the interviewees about the history of the Goldie Floberg. The team then conducts group assessments to analyze how each interviewee responds to working with others in a group type setting, their level of intiative and leadership abilities. Once the group assessments are completed an interview is held for each individual. At this time the potential candidates complete scenario based assessments and are asked how they would respond in various situations. If the individual passes the interview process they are asked to complete an audition in the home.  During the audition the potential candidate is asked to complete assignments (helping a person served complete an activity of daily living, asking the people served what is important to them and identifying values that relate to the values of the Floberg Center). If the candidate passes each step of the interview process they are then offered a position by our Person Served Representative!!

Le'Kesha, Liz, Steve and Amber in their pre-interview huddle.

Le’Kesha, Liz, Steve and Amber in their pre-interview huddle.