Rising to the Challenge
Rising to the Challenge

We strive to help every person served who wants employment to find and keep a job they find meaningful. We can help with training, job interviews and on-site coaching.

Learning for Life
Learning for Life

Our adult learning program provides education related to activities of daily living, independent living
and vocational skills.

Gaining Confidence
Gaining Confidence

Specialty programs like the Olympics Team and Therapeutic Riding Program help increase self-confidence and independence, while participating in a fun activity.

Empowering People
Empowering People

Our goal is to help each person we serve craft a life of meaning that allows them to flourish.


    Expanding Options for People with Developmental Disabilities

    At Goldie B. Floberg Center, we work to broaden the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing options –
    options for living, options for working, options for living life as a fully actualized citizen and member of the community.

    Serving the needs of children, teens and adults with disabilities throughout northern Illinois since 1918, the staff at the Goldie B. Floberg Center consider it a privilege to help each person craft a life of meaning that allows them to flourish.


    ~ Testimonial ~

    I continue to choose the Goldie Floberg Center as my son’s CILA housing provider and also as his Developmental Training Day training provider because I have had open and honest communication with staff and management for well over 30 years and that tradition continues to this day. Issues are dealt with quickly and effectively and my concerns as a parent are heard. I know that my son is comfortable in his home.” – Pat, Parent of Person Served


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